Architects bring a high level of design quality to a home building or home renovation project. When you look at one of our projects, it will be evident that someone with a fine eye for detail was involved. As a result of that eye for detail and design quality, our firm has won numerous awards for our residential projects, and several of our projects have been featured in publications such as Southern Living, Southern Accents, Louisville Magazine and the Courier-Journal. 


Often, we are hired by the homeowner to create a unique home that projects a certain image and to create detailed, custom plans which are then bid out to qualified builders. Once a builder is selected, the homeowner usually elects to have our firm as a part of the project team to ensure accurate execution of the design.

We feel that the best projects are when all three parties - home buyer, architect and builder - work together from the start. For these projects, we are able to take the builder's preference for particular subcontractors and building materials into consideration when creating the plans. We appreciate the opportunity to bounce options around with the builder as to how to handle particular situations to ensure the smooth and accurate execution of the plans.  


We fully recognize that the execution of a project is in the hands of the builder. Our main asset is our design ability, and then our responsibility is to maintain the continuity of the design throughout the building project. Many of our designs over the years have been renovation projects. From new kitchens, master suites and family room wings, to the addition of porches, decks, pool houses and terraces, we are often consulted to give an existing structure a new look, as well as more room.

Our client asked for an architecturally simple but refined home with features that would evoke classic East Coast seaside towns. The wide double galleries - the upper featuring screens - face the Ohio River, while the street front welcomes neighbors and guests with a handsome Classical Revival porch and asymmetrical stone chimney. 






Projects of every size, shape, and style that have been thoughtfully considered and painstakingly designed to honor the original intent and create more vibrant, livable spaces - inside and out - for our clients.


A sampling of the many new homes we have had the privilege to design for discerning clients across the United States.


Evidence of some of the dramatic transformations we have undertaken.


A sampling of the historically accurate and period correct details we have introduced on our projects.


The latest technology allows for photo-realistic visualizations of a project before finalizing a design.


Now celebrating our 30th year, Timothy R. Winters Architect was founded in 1988 to fill a niche that I found lacking in Louisville. It seemed that very few architects were choosing to be involved in residential architecture, even fewer that wanted to create timeless, classic designs. Louisville, as was true of many cities, had seen the creation of many fine homes in earlier periods.  There clearly was a need for an architect that desired to establish a practice similar to the classic firms of the early 1900's.


Louisville has a large stock of finely crafted homes, many of which need renovations or additions. Many of these homes have received poor attention with their renovations. I have attempted to design our projects with deference to the original architecture; so that the viewer could not tell that we had been involved. We generally have only one chance to leave the appropriate mark on the home. I don't take lightly the responsibility and privilege that is given me on each commission.

Many of our projects each year are new homes. Each home owner brings a new challenge with each project. Never do we create the same design twice. Whether the home is a fine English Georgian or a simple white clapboard farmhouse, the home has to fulfill the dreams of each individual client. A number of fine new homes are created each year with the desire to leave a long lasting tribute to the talents of the homeowner, architect and contractor.


The firm is headed by Tim Winters, who designs all of the projects. Project managers Chris Winters and Chip North oversee the production of documents after designs are completed. From the conceptual designs, we create the myriad construction details required to build approximately 100-150 projects each year. Of course, we are indebted to a number of very fine contractors that produce our projects; as a fine design is nothing without the talented hands of many fine craftsmen. We hope that we can bring the same joy, attention to detail and level of craftsmanship to your home.


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